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Fashion Communication

Fashion Communication introduces students to the creative, intellectual, technical and communication skills that expose them to problem solving situations commercially and socially. The course highlights an understanding of the theory, principles and skills of design which could be communicated through presentation of ideas and information with the support of traditional means or multimedia communication technology. The course develops students as independent, creative learner, capable of synthesis of their learning into a competent business final report. Students will gain experience of current professional practice through simulated industrial projects and activities developed in collaboration with practitioners.

The curriculum is a combination of theory, exploration, and application which takes students through subjects like fashion studies, philosophy of fashion, advertising , photography, typographic illustrations, graphic design, media law and ethics, technical drawings visual merchandising, fashion forecasting, journalism, brand management, print media, publication design, lifestyle, digital arts, history etc.

Graduating students emerge as professionals who can offer communication solution in the field of fashion and lifestyle industry. Career opportunities for fashion communication students cover a wide spectrum in the field of multimedia, graphic designing, television, advertising, publication design photography, exhibition firms, computer application, journalism, branded retail management and visual merchandising.

Year I: Common foundation program.

Year II: Students learn the basics of communication design and its implementation depending on the factors like audience needs, cultural needs , media and technologies through visual thinking.

Year III: Students would utilize their skilled based learning to widen their creative and design abilities through visual communication medium and working with photographs and basic art related to their assignments.

Year IV: A research assignment gives students the opportunity to explore and analyze a chosen area of the lifestyle market. Practical skills and theoretical knowledge acquired in units I & II are put into practical in the major projects.

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