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bechelor of lifestyle accessory design

Lifestyle Accessories

This program prepares professional designer for multi-faceted field combining the architecture of product and decoration. The course introduces students to the field of contemporary design related to life style products that are personal, functional yet expressive, decorative and interesting to use. Students investigate human interaction with the product from new perspective, concentrating on user-centered innovations.

The curriculum encourages students to draw inspiration and strength from Indian as well as cross-cultural diversity and craft traditions which have contemporary usage in international market. The curriculum deals predominantly with exploration of different material in their aesthetics, functional and creative abilities, with exposure to different scales of production and understanding of market trends. The curriculum provides in- depth knowledge for the professional to translate design idea into intelligent product. The course is workshop and studio-based, using demonstrations, lectures, seminars, small group presentation at the end of each project/module.

“Program prepares students to design many new products dreamt and required by consumers”

Lifestyle Accessory design course includes “product line for personal and day to day usage”. The program emphasizes skills in design, fabrication/production, presentation techniques which allows students to effectively express their designs through drawing, models and full-scale finished products. Curriculum includes subject like mechanical drawing, materials and their finishes, construction techniques, liberal studies, history of design, fashion and market trends, management processes with an understanding of entrepreneurship, retailing, branding and merchandising. Students are exposed to traditional crafts so that they derive an insight into craft techniques to design and develop contemporary products. Design projects would be an active part of the curriculum to provide a first- hand experience.

The course prepares students for a wide range of careers such as designers, product merchandisers, and managers, entrepreneurs in the field of jewelry, leather goods, gift ideas, designer craft people, freelance designers, and interior or exhibition promoters. The college offers students to pursue specialization in the field of costume and precious jewelry, ceramics, home accessories, table and office accessories, footwear, fashion bags, belts, gloves etc, glass accessories, handicraft using material like wood, leather ceramic etc. Year I: Common foundation program Year II: Program allows students to develop conceptual thinking, a design methodology, critical analysis, an advanced technical proficiency which runs through the entire course, enhance skills and knowledge of materials and the process of construction, learn how to appreciate design and history of different product range, understanding of social-cultural influence. All is learnt through development of product through projects.

Year III: Students express their design philosophy through writing, presentation and development of the product prototype. As students progress through design development, project execution and critical evaluation of their finished work they build their professional skills toward design careers, ability to generate thinking process toward range development and design collection in relation to fashion and prevailing trends. Understanding of management processes in the field of retailing, branding and merchandising.

Year IV: In the final year, students investigate areas of personal interest, taking project from concept through to prototype stage to manufacturing actual product. The holistic approach builds professional capabilities and values to realize and execute design within a market challenges.

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